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About MyClearALIGN!

Many people want straighter teeth but may not want to have braces. Thanks to advances in orthodontic treatment options, you can improve the look of your smile quickly and discreetly with MyClearALIGN!. At MyOrthodontist in Burgaw, Cary, Chapel Hill, Concord, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Mount Airy, Raleigh, Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount, Sanford, and Wake Forest, North Carolina, the team offers clear aligners to help you get the smile you want. Call today or book online for your free consultation.

MyClearALIGN! Q & A


MyClearALIGN! Is an innovative, patent-pending, invisible clear aligner solution consisting of a series of clear trays that go over your teeth and move them gently and discreetly to improve your smile. Invisible braces from home. No excessive attachments or unnecessary refinements, as you may be treated remotely using a dental monitoring scan box under the care of a licensed orthodontist. 

How does MyClearALIGN! treatment work? 

With the Dental Monitoring app and ScanBox, you can send in photos of your teeth and communicate with your practice securely from the comfort of your own home. After your initial consultation, your orthodontist will review your treatment progress at every scan (every one or two weeks) and message you instructions and encouragement along the way. Fewer in-person visits give you more free time and flexibility using our dental monitoring scan box.

MyClearALIGN! works with your general dentist and you are under the direct care of a licensed Orthodontist who sees you to start, and remotely at every scan to guide you to the smile you've always dreamed of.

Clear aligners quickly and discreetly fix many smile flaws. To find out more about clear aligners and how they can work for you, call MyOrthodontist or request a consultation online today. 

What are the benefits of Dental Monitoring?

  • Fewer in-person appointments - We can monitor your treatment remotely through the app, so we’ll only need to see you at our practice if your Orthodontist decides to adjust your treatment plan.
  • Increased efficiency - Because we’ll get frequent photos from you, we will be able to adjust your treatment program as needed to speed up your treatment time and ensure the best outcome for your smile.
  • Constant support - With the Dental Monitoring app, our team is always only a click away. You can contact us whenever you have questions, and we will send you regular progress reports to keep you updated on your treatment.
  • Ultimate flexibility - Track your progress anytime and anywhere so treatment can work around your busy schedule.

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