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About Overbite

Most people have some degree of an overbite, but at least 8% of all Americans have a severe form. If you have a severe overbite, the standard methods of orthodontics namely, braces and Invisalign® may not work. But, MyOrthodontist offers an innovative system, the Carriere® Motion 3D appliance, that can treat even the most severe cases. The practice has offices in Burgaw, Cary, Chapel Hill, Concord, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Mount Airy, Raleigh, Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount, Sanford, and Wake Forest, North Carolina. Call today or book online for your free consultation.

Overbite Q & A

What is an overbite?

Overbite means that your maxillary arch the top row of teeth extends over your bottom arch. It’s very normal to have a mild overbite, but if you have a significant or severe overbite, you need orthodontic treatment to restore a healthy balance and normal function. 

What is the treatment for overbite?

Treatment for overbite depends on the severity of your condition. The most common approach for overbite correction is either traditional metal braces or clear aligners like Invisalign®. While those treatments are extremely effective for many cases, severe overbite requires a two-step approach. 

MyOrthodontist uses Carriere systems to comfortably straighten your teeth without requiring headgear, tooth extractions, or surgery. 

Carriere Motion 3D

The first part of treatment for a severe overbite, the Carriere Motion 3D, replaces traditional techniques like headgear, tooth extractions, and clunky dental appliances. The Carriere Motion 3D attaches to two teeth on top (canine and molar) and one tooth (molar) on the bottom arch. 

You’ll have one appliance on each side of your mouth. Usually, you can proceed with braces after Carriere Motion 3D treatment. 

Carriere SLX 3D® braces

After Carriere Motion 3D treatment, you usually start treatment with Carriere SLX 3D braces. These are a type of self-ligating (self-tightening) braces that don’t need rubber bands. 

Carriere SLX 3d braces have a unique type of brackets that exert far less force on your teeth than traditional braces. 

This two-step approach to severe overbite allows for much more comfortable teeth straightening, and it doesn’t take as long as headgear and braces treatments typically take. 

How long does overbite treatment take?

The Carriere Motion 3D system usually takes just 3-4 months. The exact amount of time you’ll wear braces depends on your individual situation, but overall, people who have Carriere SLX 3D braces spend less total time in braces than those who have traditional metal braces. 

SLX 3D braces also require less time at the MyOrthodontist office, with 40% fewer office visits on average. In addition to the shorter treatment time, you can expect a more comfortable experience overall than you’d have with traditional braces. 

To learn more about how MyOrthodontist can help severe overbites or underbites, call the office nearest you or request an appointment online



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