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About Underbite

A severe underbite can impact oral function and increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. At MyOrthodontist, the expert team of orthodontists offers a cutting-edge solution for severe underbites with no headgear required. The practice has 14 convenient offices in North Carolina, including Burgaw, Cary, Chapel Hill, Concord, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Mount Airy, Raleigh, Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount, Sanford, and Wake Forest. Call today or book online for your free consultation.

Underbite Q & A

What is an underbite?

An underbite occurs when your mandibular arch — the bottom row of teeth — overlaps your top tooth arch. Many teens and adults have a mild underbite, although the opposite problem (overbite) is more common. 

Any degree of underbite, from mild to severe, requires orthodontic treatment to ensure healthy and normal function long term. Additionally, orthodontic treatment for an underbite can restore your facial aesthetics and help you feel better about your appearance. 

What is the treatment for an underbite?

A mild underbite usually responds well to traditional orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign. But, if you have a more severe underbite, the MyOrthodontist team may recommend a special two-step approach using the Carriere® orthodontic treatment systems. 

This approach corrects your underbite and straightens your teeth without any bulky headgear, tooth extractions, or surgical procedures. 

Carriere Motion 3D®

The Carriere Motion 3D moves your lower jaw forward to correct an underbite. This device attaches to just three teeth on each side of your mouth. In most cases, the Carriere Motion prepares you for treatment with special braces, the Carriere SLX 3D braces. 

Carriere SLX 3D™ braces

After your Carriere Motion 3D treatment, the orthodontic team usually fits you with Carriere SLX 3D braces. These self-ligating braces don’t require any rubber bands because they tighten themselves naturally using low-level pressure. 

The Carriere approach can work very well for severe underbite, and it’s a far more comfortable experience than the traditional headgear approach.

How long does underbite treatment take?

On average, most people wear the Carriere Motion 3D system for only three or four months. After that, your time in braces depends on your particular circumstances, but in general, the Carriere SLX 3D braces require less total treatment time in braces than traditional metal braces.

MyOrthodontist offers a free braces consultation to prospective patients, and during that time, the team can evaluate your needs and determine the best way to correct your underbite. During your consultation, they’ll discuss your treatment plan options and tell you more about what to expect. 

If you’re worried about an underbite or other tooth malocclusion, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert orthodontic specialists at MyOrthodontist. Call the office nearest you or request an appointment online.  



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